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General Questions

What is a domain ?

A domain is a unique address on the Internet. It tells people (and the computers they use) how to find your homepage on the Internet. There are many different types of domains categorized by different extensions such as .ca, .com and .net to name a few. An example of a domain name is


Why do I need a domain ?

A domain name is your online brand. It is the address that people will use to visit your site or email you at. A domain name that closely matches your identity has the benefit of being memorable, relevant and professional.

A domain is unique, hence once is has been taken, no one else can use it. Therefore, it is important for businesses and individuals to register a domain name that properly reflects their identity before someone else takes it.


Do I need to have a web site to register a domain ?

No. You can register for a domain name and park it with us. Parking a domain name allows you hold your domain name until you are ready to use it. This service is free and you can park your domain with us for as long as you wish. Best of all, your parked domain name will be provided an under construction page, free of charge as well.


What is the difference between a .CA and a .COM domain ?

Functionality wise there is no difference. Ownership of a .CA domain conveys to your audience that you are Canadian. Studies show that the .CA namespace is highly trusted by consumers.


How will I be able to tell if my desired domain name is already taken ?

Use the domain registration search tool. Available domain names are not yet taken. If a domain is taken the result page will have a WHOIS link so you may view the ownership details of that domain. To search directly use the WHOIS search tool.


What are the Canadian Presence Requirements ?

The CIRA Canadian Presence Requirements outline the ownership requirements for .CA domain names. A registrant not meeting these requirements may have their domain revoked and cancelled. Registrants must select the correct CPR type when creating a registrant account. The types and examples may be found here.


Is my credit card number and other data secure ?

We use a high-encryption SSL certificate to secure all your sensitive data while it is in transit over the internet. When we process your credit card through our payment gateway, your credit card information is encrypted by one of the most highly used and respected processing systems on the Internet. Once your card is processed, we "forget it" - we do not store any of our customers credit card numbers in any form on any of our servers.


Can I pay by cheque or money order ?

We understand that online credit card payments are not always an option. For this reason we accept payment by cheque or money order. For your convenience you may download this printable copy of our application form


How long does the registration process take ?

Our real-time system directly connects to the central registry to register domains. Activated domains usually take 6 hours to become visible on the Internet.


Once I have a domain name secured, how long may I use it ?

Your secured domain name will be yours for as long as you maintain the yearly registration fees.


Is there an exit fee ?

No. There is no obligation to renew your domain or to keep your domain registered with us. There is no charge from if you transfer away.


What is the process to transfer a domain to another registrar ?

Domain transfers require an authorisation code and the domain name must be unlocked for transfer. For added security and protection we require that a written request for the authorisation code is submitted using the secure domain administration panel.


I have registered my domain name, now what ?

That depends on your purpose for the domain name. Here are some common uses for domain names and the next steps you should take.

Domain Parking is when a domain is purchased and held, but not actively used. Domains registered at included free domain parking which will display a Coming Soon page by default

Site Redirection is common in cases where a person wants to point their domain to another address. includes two types of redirection (URL Forwarding) and DNS level redirection. Login to the domain admin panel for more information on these services

Web Hosting and Email is the most common use for a domain name. is pleased to offer both free and paid web hosting plans. Our web hosting and domain management is all combined into one easy to use control panel for your convenience. Of course, you are free to host your services at any provider you choose. To do that, simply set your webhosting providers DNS server names for your domain using the domain admin panel.



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